Cesenatico beyond the beach

The places of the culture


In Cesenatico you can find both the historic testimonies and the maritime tradition and the modern tourist centre. The ancient sailing boats are moored near to the modern fishing boats in the Porto Canale drawn by Leonardo.

The ancient fish market, still working, is situated near to the Piazzetta delle Conserve, where the fish was stored in the old and typical wells dug in the sandy soil.

The historic centre of Cesenatico is like an open-air museum with its Navy Museum, the Antiquarium, the Moretti’s Home, the Theatre and the Public Library; in addition to historic places like Piazza Pisacane with the Garibaldi Monument and the archeological park with the Medieval Fortress.

The typical cuisine


The marinara cuisine is predominant in Cesenatico. In the banks of the Canal many restaurants prepare tasty fish courses, following the best recipes of the tradition with some touch of innovation.

Here you can find refined locales but also taverns which are an attraction for the tourists all the year round.

The fish, another important resource for the local economy, is the main element of two festivals that take place every year in the spring and in the autumn, attracting thousands of visitors.

Not to forget the famous piadina romagnola, from always present in the local cuisine, that you can taste at every corner in the street.

Cesenatico and sport


Cesenatico is a famous destination for people who love cycling, ideal start for itineraries in the striking landscapes, which are the path of the renowned race “Nove Colli”.

Talking about cycling, near to the train station there is a multimedial museum dedicated to the famous cyclist Marco Pantani, where you can re-experience the emotions he gave us.

There are many other opportunities for those who want to keep fit during the holidays. Windsurf, kite surf, water skiing can be practised by professional and not, thanks to the numerous schools.

For lovers of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and golf are on hand many sport facilities, situated also in beach resorts.